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Re: ID this Audi and UFO brakes

> Date:          Mon, 25 Nov 1996 07:32:00 -0800
> From:          "Jeff Loh" <jeff.loh@fluordaniel.com>
> Subject:       ID this Audi and UFO brakes
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net

> All:
> Was driving by a dealership this weekend in Boulder, and noticed this
> beige wagon in the used car section. There were some other 200's on 
> the lot, so I assume this was the same. Closer inspection showed that
> it looked like a 200 series wagon. It had the UFO brakes, was a 
> Quattro but did not have any badges. Was it a 200CS(T)QW? Is there 
> such a beast? 

   It's a '91 200 T.Q. 20V wagon. But Beige? All '91 200TQ 20V are 
stripped of badging. 
> On the subject of UFO brakes, has anyone looked at or done a 
> conversion to regular brakes, and is it worth it?
 Know it's possible. Many '91 200TQ 20V's in Denver have been 
converted to 10V T brakes.
> /J
> 80Q