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Re: Cold start problem...

liju@travelin.com wrote:
> Hey guys:
> I've been experiencing a severe cold start problem for a while now. My mechanic
> says "its just the cold weather", but i think it might be something else.
> When I start up each morning, the engine turns like its never going to start but
> when I let go of the key the engine sort of reluctantly fires up. Every once in
> a great while it will just start up without any hesitation.
> The thing that puzzles me is that if I start it up within about 45 mins. of last
> shutting it off it starts up with no problem. Any thoughts on what it could be?

Yes, Liju, I know exactly what that is (BTDT). Replace the injectors
with the new ones, Viton tipped.

When you run your car the pump deliveres fuel @80psi. When you shut it
off, the pump stops and injectors bleed the pressure down to about
~50psi, then shut themselves hermetically. This is done in order to keep
the residual pressure in the fuel sys and to allow you a quick start

Your old injectors have lost this ability and in the morning you are
pumping up those 80psi from 0. Have you ever happen to run out of gas
dry and then try to start the car after AAA refilled your tank? Same
here. That is why you have no problems restarting the car after 45min.
The pressure is still fairly high, the injectors drip relatively slow.

Get new injectors and enjoy the 2sec cranking time all year round. (OK,
make it 5sec in the winter, if you have fresh plugs).