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Re: my mom wants an Audi

Michael Williams wrote:
> Ok I need some advice from all of the experts ou there.  My mom wants to
> buy a used car with a price limit of $10,000 and she wants and Audi.  She
> wants something with a lot of space, so I recommended the station wagon.
> Now, I am in California, and I was wopndering which models are available as
> station wagons for that price...she definitely wants a quattro, otherwise
> she would get the Suburu(eww).  So what are the suggestions from all of you
> about this.  I jsut dont know anything about the station wagon thing from
> Audi <hangs head in shame>.

Before we go any further, you need to provide a very important piece of
Does your mom drive a stick shift? For $10k quattro=stick.

For more money you can get one with an auto, either a V8 or an A6