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Re: Financing/Leasing sources

While we are talking leases be sure to check the tax laws where you live and
where you might be moving.  I leased my A4 in Atlanta, but when i registered
it in illinois - they charged tax on the capitilized cost - 29 thou - even
though my three year lease would use only half of that.  Then to add insult
to injury i moved to indiana where they charge 5% on each lease payment, even
though i've already paid tax on the whole amount.  It adds up to about 18%
tax on my lease!!!.  I'm also leasing my wife's miata under the same
conditions.  Check the tax laws before you commit to a lease.
i'm not even getting decent roads outta this deal!

prior Audis - 87 5000turbo, 86 5000Avant, 81 5000s, 79 5000s