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Re: Anyone know anything good/bad about

>         I'll keep this short as there is no real Audi content. My kid
> brother, he's only 41, showed me an ad from "Road & Track" for a
> car/home electronics place called "Insider's Audio" in Phoenix, AZ. I
> generally laugh at these ads, but Bro' Bill thinks there might be a chance
> they're on the up and up. Anyone have any dealings with these folks?? Good
> or bad...

I've never dealt with them but since I pass by their address to and from my
way to work, I stopped to check them out ... guess what?  Their "warehouse"
is a Mailboxes, Etc. location!

I haven't gotten to checking them out with the Arizona Attorney General but
I'll bet there's a file started for them ... caveat emptor!

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