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Re: '85 4KSQ Color Options

*** Reply to note of 11/25/96 21:29                                             
Frank J. Bauer                                                                  
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: Re: '85 4KSQ Color Options                                             
jeffrey sez:                                                                    
> According to my factory brochure, there were no 4kq specific colors ... just  
> those mentioned above and the following:                                      
> BTW, the brochure also says the sunroof was optional but I've never actually  
> seen a 4kq or 4kq without one ... were any of these imported/sold?            

i have never seen a 4kq in any color other than the 5 i listed (with the        
possible exception of the stone grey), and i remember browsing a 1985 audi 4k   
brochure that specified which colors in the pallette were available for the q.  

regarding the sunroof, i know there were no 4kq's available without the sunroof 
which may further explain some of the apparent weight "penalty" vs a 4k.        
i cannot specifically remember a 4k without a sunroof, but all those with       
a sunroof that i remember were manual, whereas all the 4kq sunroofs are         
so much for 4k(q) minutiae...