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RE: Nokia + Audi

confocal?...hmmmmm...perhaps you mean coaxial?...

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STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> >I definetely would. Very few speakers can match Boston Acoustics, as
> >well as very few amps can match A/D/S.
> >I have been running B.A. in my last 3 cars, and A/D/S in one.
> Sorry to hear that you think that BA's are good.........  Try MB
> Quart's.... MUCH better

 did. I have also installed them in a number of cars.
I was really more impressed by my 3 way 6x9 B.A. in the rear shelf, than
by MB Quarts.
They are pretty good, though, dont get me wrong.

Also, Quarts are separats, whereas BAs are confocal, which makes them
somewhat easier to install (less holes to cut).