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Don't let my car hear me say that!  
 I need help diagnosing an expensive sounding noise and
The scenario:  Out of the blue when I left a stoplight I started feeling a
strange vibration in the drive-train.  The vibration builds with the RPM's
but disappears around 45mph in 3rd gear.  Along with this vibration is a
metallic rattling/whirring that is very audible with the shift boot
removed.  As I said before, the vibration disappears at 45mph but the
noise stays.  The odd thing is that the noise doesn't change with the
RPM's. I almost want to say that a bearing is going out.  The car is a
1988 90Q w/ 140k on the clock. The tranny was rebuilt at 105,000 
(syncros replaced along with a few bearings in the tranny).Also, the
transmission shifts as it always did and the clutch feels fine.  At times
it sounds as if there is
something loose in the tranny. Again, I am assuming the transmission is
the culprit because of where the sound is eminating from, however the
vibration shakes the whole car.  Please tell me that someone out there has
experienced something like this.  The real kicker is that when the problem
first started it was intermittent to the point that Graydon S. and I took
it for a test drive it it felt just fine. Later that evening it started up
and became permenant.  Help me please!
Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
'88 90Q
Fenton, Michigan USA