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Re: Ski-rack

BikePro, a mail order company sells the Yakima fairing for $49.99.  They
are in Santa Rosa, Calif and their phone number is 800/BikePro.  Their
web address is www.bikepro.com.  I've used them many times before for
mountain bike parts and have always been happy with them.


>From: Alexei M Voloshin <Alexei.M.Voloshin-1@tc.umn.edu>
>Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 12:20:43 -0600 (CST)
>Subject: Ski-rack 

>Just wondering...
>does anybody know a place to get a fairing (an aerodynamic visor) for 
>Yakima rack for a reasonable price? I really don't feel like taking the 
>rack off and putting it on with ever ski strip! Without the visor there 
>is a lot of noise on the highway. (just crank that volume up on the 
>stereo - right?)
>A ski shop here wants $80 for a peice of plastic!!! I'm looking to pay 
>around half of that for a new one. Used will also do.

>Thanks, Alex