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Re: UnIntended Acceleration Anniversary (Kinda long)

>>>>massive snippage<<<<
>>LONG LIVE AUDI! F**K 60min X 10!  Thanks, I feel better now! Greg.
>Interesting piece.  I agree with your view of 60 Minutes--the pinnacle of
>yellow journalism, or at least closely following "Hard Copy" and the like.
>As for unintended acceleration, how does one avoid such pitfalls?  1) Learn
>to drive, damnit. 2) Drive a 5-speed!!! (or 4-speed, or even a 6-speed....)

I remeberr looking in some Used car price guide and it mentioned the pedal
placement thing.  They still blame Audi because it doesnt matter if it is
not he machanicals that fail.  If everyone cant operate the car, then it is
a bad design.  That is what they said in a nutshell.  Apparently they must
work for Consumer Reports, where they condemned the Mazda RX7 for riding
too much like a sports car and the fact that they couldnt fit a wheelchair
in the trunk.  They didnt even get the RS1 package because that would make
it too muc hlik,e a sports car...now who would want that????

85 Coupé GT