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Re: 87 5kcstq- Cruise control/odometer failure

Yes, BTDT.  If it is like the 85 5KTQ, the fix is involved, but usually 
doable.  Check the archives for a significant thread on this.  The problem is 
in the speedo unit in the dash which, from daily doing, I got so I could get 
it out and apart in about 5 minutes.  Pull the wheel. Pull the instrument 
cluster as follows: remove screws in top of cluster, 2 I think, philips, 
withdraw cluster some, d/c the speedo cable, pull off 4(?) connectors that are 
all keyed. Remove cluster. Remove lots of screws and (it'g getting fuzzy now) 
get to the mechanicals of the odometer.  As I recall, you have to remove 
speedo pointer-carefully-pressed on, and dial face. You'll likely find that 
the one of the shafts that the plastic gears are on has either slipped out of 
the gear on the end or the knurling that the gear is pressed on has worn the 
inside of the gear.  I'd guess that your odo was just turning a big number.  
That's the hint of the failure type.  Common problem in Audis.  Anyway, if 
this is the problem it is fixable.  I pulled the shaft, re-knurled with gentle 
chisel action axially on the shaft & pressed back in.  The alternatives are 
send the whole cluster to calif for repair-$280 last I asked, buy used one 
from a yard-maybe you get a better one.

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Larry Mittell <lmittel@ibm.net> wrote:
>Both the main and trip odometers, as well as the cruise control failed
>simultaneously on my tq. I guess they must all derive their information from
>the same widget. The speedometer still works, BTW. Anyone BTDT? I'd very
>much appreciate any wisdom on this subject. TIA.
>Larry Mittell
>87 5kcstq
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