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Re: '85 4KSQ Color Options

AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:
> BTW, the brochure also says the sunroof was optional but I've never actually
> seen a 4kq or 4kq without one ... were any of these imported/sold?

Actually, the first 85 4ksq I owned I purchased new in feb 86 at Schertz 
P/A in Syracuse NY. It was white on brown cloth, and had NO sunroof.
Last Nov., after loosing my white 85 to theft here in chicago, I bought 
another 85 4ksq. This one is red on brown cloth and has a sunroof.

What's the point you ask.....
After the paperwork was all done I did a little numbers comparison and 
found that the cars had sequential vin numbers, and were sold new by the 
same dealer. The other ironic thing is that at the time I bought my white 
85, I was working at Schertz P/A doing amongst other things, PDI's.
I performed the Pre Delivery inspection on both of the 4ksq's I've owned.

Talk about strange!


Todd Candey                         The Composite Garage
271A Greenboro Ct.                       81 4k 5+5    
Elk Grove Village, IL                        85 4ksq
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