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I suggest you take a seat first Sir...

Well I took the QT to the local (well its not actually very local at 
all...) Audi dealership last night, and basically said, "go through the 
car from top to bottom and then tell me what needs to be done"
I got nervous by 16:30hrs, so I rang them.
I spoke to the serivce manager and he says he's split the repairs 
required into 3 sections:

1) the heated seat that does not work - 650 
2) Digital Dash - upto 230, but could be just the switch (which I know is 
broken anyway)
3) Engine - gulp -

	Re-valve of the whole cylinder head
	All new belts
	All new seals
	Temperature Sender
	Err lots of other little bits
	Small radiator

				- Total about 1K

Other than that, he says the car is in very good nick :-)

Yes its a lot of money, but one would hope that when I get it back at the 
back end of this week, it should be spot on.

So Im not bothering with the heated seat, as its a lot of money just to 
get a warm bum, but I've told them to get on with the rest of it.
But in total, including the purchase price of the car, its still working 
out cheaper than the other two 88 models I looked at.

Donations to the usual address plesae ;-) (asci cheques accpeted)

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
Always buy the best PC you can afford, that way, when it crashes it will
reboot faster