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Bright Blue(ish) headlights

For those still interested here are some specs from the Osram-Sylvania
book for those lamps, trade-marked "Luminarc" high intensity discharge.
These are available in the Continental MK-8, some of the Caddilacs,
some newer 700 Series Bimmers, possibly some newer Mercs.

                       9006         Luminarc HID
                     Low Beam         Low Beam

Wattage(W):             55              35

Lumens (lm):           1000            3000

Efficiency (lm/W):      18              86

Color Temperature(K):  3200            4800

The light is created by an electric arc in a "micro-environment
of xenon gas, mercury, and metal halide salts" sealed in a quartz

More interesting is the fact that the electronic ballast delivers 
FULL output power to the lamp over the voltage range of 9-16 volts.
No more worries of voltage drop in the wiring, or insufficient
lighting due to low charging voltage from the alternator.

I wonder how Graydon's transplant is coming along. Graydon ??

( lost interest in HIDs when he got some real prices )