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Re: Radio safe mode

You will need to pull the radio to find s/n.  Take this number, if not 
the whole radio, to an Audi dealer and they should be able to tell you 
what the number is.  I belive that you radio has a set code.

Once you have the code, turn on the radio, it sould be in safe mode, 
press the AM/FM and scan buttons.  This will take the radio out of safe 
mode and allow you to imput the code.  You will see either dashes or 0.  
Use the tuner keys under aproate digit to input the code.  When the code 
is imputed, again press the AM/FM and scan buttons to set the imputed 
code. Your radio should now work.

Good luck
Chris Tucker

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996 nblake@bright.net wrote:

> I recently bought and repaired a totaled 1990 Audi 100.  I love the car but
> the radio is in safe mode.  Does anyone know how to remedy this?