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Re: V8 autotran problems

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, jackr@internet.kronos.com wrote:
>      On about 4 or 5 occasions, I noticed from the tach that I was staying 
>     in 3rd gear.  Moving the gearshift between the "D" and "3" positions 
>     caused the car to shift from 3rd ... back into 3rd.  The only way to 
>     get it into 4th was to shift into 2nd (making sure I was doing less 
>     than 80), at which point moving the shift lever to "D" allowed it to 
>     shift past 3rd and into 4th.
This one I don't recognize but sounds like the selector switch or the action 
that it controls.  I hate to think it is something worse.

>     The dashboard 
>     gearshift indicator lights were all on, as if the car thought it was 
>     simultaneously in P, R, N, D, 3, 2, 1.  Shutting off the ignition and 
>     restarting the car restored it to normal function.

This is called the limp home mode.  When all display lights come on PRND321 
you are in limp home mode.  I've experienced same 2x, once at -29F at highway 
speed, once in town at 70F.  Apparently, some sensor is calling the shots.  
Resets resolved both with no damage or danger.

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