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Re: electronic dash

Yes there is a single bulb behind each panel to illuminate the display. 

This is much easier (but not necessary) if you remove the steering wheel,
(You will need a 22mm socket or so.  If it's a six-point socket you could
use a close non-metric size.)  Make sure the wheel is straight when you
take it off so you can be sure to get it back on in the right position. 
There are four phillips head screws that remove the hood/wing bezzle. 
Two are up under the top lip and two are up under the bottom portion in
the area below the instrument cluster.  To get the bezzle out of the way,
you will need to detach wiring to each of the switches in the wings, or
at least on one side to swing it out of the way. The remaining hood just
lifts out.  The instrument cluster comes loose with two rather larger
screws, one on either side.  Next remove the large connector plug from
behind the instrument cluster.  There may be one or two more small wires
to detach, but at this point the cluster is pretty much free.  You should
see three twist in bulb bases on the rear of the cluster.  I took the bad
one out first at home and just reconnected the wires leaving the dash
apart to take the bulb and base to the dealer to get replacements.

This is all from memory so I may have missed a detail or two but I hope
it gives you a good idea what's up.  This really isn't too big of a job. 
Just remember to be a little gentle as some of this stuff is a little
flimsy especially considering the age and if it's been opened up before.

Good Luck.

Ed Kellock        QCUSA Member #2882
Lansing, IA
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