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EGAD! The Audi Hates Rain!

Yes, it's true.

My sister has a '90 90 (some of the locals give you the wierdest look
when you say that).  It has no Quattro.  Perhaps it is harboring a grudge
and is jealous of my '91 coupe Q  ; )  On with the story:  When it is
raining, her car has a very bad, nasty habit of stalling, rough idling,
and running very poorly in general.  I have yet to get a chance to see
the car in this enebriated state, but have a few ideas as to why it has
an attitude.  Could water be possibly slipping into the fuse box?  (I
always did think that they had a leally lame location)  Could belts be
getting wet and slippery?  How can I check the electronic idle

I honestly haven't a clue.

Would greatly appreciate any and all insight.

JP Mahala (jpmahala@juno.com)
'91 Coupe Quattro that would rather be skiing

PS:  This morning, my mother's '89 100E stalled at a stop sign and would
not start until weather dried up.  (Calgon, take me away!)