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Cool running 5kCST

I have a curious problem on my '88 5kCST.  Seems that the coolant
temperature never gets very hot.  If I am cruising at a fast speed on the
expressway, the coolant needle hovers at the 1/4 mark or even below.  If I
come to a long stop light or slow down for a while, the needle starts
creeping up to the halfway mark, which I believe is the normal operating
temp.  Once I start moving fast again, the temp starts cooling off again.

Is this the sign of a failing thermostat?  Since the car seems to run so
cool now, my cooling fan (with very noisy bearings) doesn't come on nerly as
much.  This is a blessing, since when it used to run a long time it would
drain my battery by the end of the day.

Am I causing damage to my engine by driving it in this condition?  Any help
would be appreciated...


 Chris King          | '94 Corrado SLC        (Sherry Red/Beige Leather)
 cking@txdirect.net  | '90 V8 Quattro           (Black/Platinum Leather)
 San Antonio, TX     | '88 5000CS Turbo    (Metallic Black/Gray Leather)