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Re: EGAD! The Audi Hates Rain!

On Nov 26,  4:32pm, John P Mahala wrote:
> Subject: EGAD!  The Audi Hates Rain!
> Yes, it's true.
> My sister has a '90 90 (some of the locals give you the wierdest
> look when you say that).  It has no Quattro.  Perhaps it is
> harboring a grudge and is jealous of my '91 coupe Q  ; )  On
> with the story:  When it is raining, her car has a very bad,
> nasty habit of stalling, rough idling, and running very poorly
> in general.  I have yet to get a chance to see the car in this
> enebriated state, but have a few ideas as to why it has
> an attitude.  Could water be possibly slipping into the fuse box?

I'm new to Audis, and I don't pretend to have a ton of
mechanical knowledge.  But to me, this seems like the hallmark
of worn ignition system parts.  Ignition wires that have
worn insulation, or breaks that allow moisture to penetrate,
tend to bleed off high voltage when the surrounding air is
damp.  I'd give the ignition wires a real close look.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q