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Re: Center carrier bearing

> I got under the car tonight to look for possible answers to my noise and
> vibration. I don't exactly know what to look for but the bonded rubber
> around the center carrier bearing was very soft and I was able to move it
> laterally about 1cm in all directions. Is this normal?  Would it cause a
> extremely noticable drive-line shake?  Unless this is the problem i am at
> a loss as to what is the culprit. The transmission feels absolutely fine
> aand spinning the axle by hand didn't seem to reveal anything.  Also, How
> often was the U-joint supposed to be lubed. I know for a fact that mine
> hasn't been touched in atleast 40k miles.
IME the rubber mounts do allow some motion of the prop shaft.  The prop
shaft is supposed to be balanced and co-linear ... if this is all true 
then there should be nothing to shake.  If you rotate the prop shaft and 
look between the "arms" of the u-joint you will see a standard grease fitting
(zerk (sp?)).  Service interval is 15K miles.  

Wish I had more to suggest on your problem ... you might want to have some-
one hang out the door while the car is moving to try to find the source ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)