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Re: Dump/blow-by valve installation procedure

cngnyec wrote:
> Igor,
>   Quick question,  why didn't you just vent the bypass to the atmoshpere?
> Mike

TAP sells the blue Samco hose with an adapter and their own version of a
damp valve (by Demon Tweaks or some other British racing outfit). It
releases the air charge into the atmosphere. Guess it can work. I was
tempted too, but , call me too cautious, but the gasoline vapor
evacuates from the gas tank through the charcoal canister and
subsequently enters the airbox en route to the intake mfld. As crazy as
it sounds, I couldn't completely rule out the possibility of getting a
long tongue of flame from under the hood on the downshift. I figured
this was one project where an overkill won't hurt.