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Re: quattro vs. traction control

> I think I saw some discussion about this in the archives, but I can't
> find it now, so I'll ask anyway (sorry if I annoy!):
> At the local auto show yesterday I got into an interesting discussion
> with the BMW rep, who tried to tell me that their traction control was
> just as effective in snow as any 4WD system (including quattro).
> Specifically, she said that I wouldn't need tire chains when there are
> chain requirements.  Not sure I believe her.  (Actually, I'm sure I
> don't.)

It is amazing that the brand, that calls itself The Ultimate Driving
blah-blah has not come up with a better engineering solution to fight
low traction than to generate torque, by burning fuel in the power plant
only to overcome it by applying brakes and backing off the throttle. The
efficiency that rivals a steam engine!

At the same time the best engineering house in the world (we all know
who that is, right: begins with an "A")
fights low traction by conserving and redistributing the precious torque
between twice the number of driving wheels.

Judging by her answer, in her previous sales career that poor lady was
probably selling wall paper or pet food or something. She just had no
clue of what she was talking about.


'89 200TQ w/4 Nokias NRW
will take on a Land Bruiser or a Path Loser in 2' of snow any time!