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Re: Instrument Panel Light Problem - Help Please

Chris Foust wrote:
> I have a 1989 Audi 100 along with a 1988 model 80.  The 100 is having a
> problem with the instrument panel lights.  When the headlights are turned
> on, there are no panel lights except for the digital clock, and the climate
> control temperature light goes out
> I thought that I had a bad rheostat. I removed and cleaned it with tuner
> cleaner.  After reinstalling it and the panel back into the dash, everything
> worked fine for about a day, then the same problem.  I wonder if I have a
> cracked circuit board that loses connection when warm.  I say this because
> sometimes in the morning, it works.
> Does anyone have any suggestions short of buying a new instrument panel?

Take the torpedo apart and scrutinize the tracs with a magnifier. Pay
close attention to solder joints. The through hole parts leads like to
separate from the inside of the Sn joints creating the hair-thin cracks.
Or just  simply touch every joint up with a very mild soldering iron
(with a sharp pointed chisel).
I have repaired an unreal amount of expensive equipment which was
otherwise destined for a dumpster. Most of the time it was nothing more
than a bad solder joint.

BTW, this was also the case with the torpedo of my own 200q. (Anyone
remember my story about a chewing gum "repair" performed by a certain
local to me dealer?).