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Re: Speeding Ticket: Any hope?

Eugene wrote:

> 2. In NY there is a law firm called "Traffic Lawyers" (or something like this).
> They fight any ticket for half of its value as their fee.  Basically what they
> do is either
>         a.  have the judge dismiss the case if the cop is late (clients with
>         lawyers go first in NY)
>         b.  use some legal mumbo-jumbo similar to 1.
> And, finally, some general ranting.  Figure out if the ticket was given by
> state or local town police.  The "home-brewn" cops and courts are notorious
> for their desire to just generate some additional revenue for themselves.
> Two of my friends got such tickets from a local "village cop": one for 32
> in 30, another for "irresponsible driving" -- passing.

I once got stopped by a cop in New Hope, PA. I was doing 45 in a zone,
controlled by a 35 sign, well hidden in the bushes. The cop said: "I
gonna site you not for speeding but for disobeying to the sign. You
gonna get a fine but no points".

Now, is that a bland revenue collection or what?! He new that I would
fight the points and probably win, whereas @ $62 fine I'd just let it
go. He was right!

Now could anyone please tell me isn't "speeding" and "disobeying to the
posted spped limit" the same sh*t????
A legal mumbo-jumbo indeed!