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Re: clutch click '87 5TQ

Sherry & Chuck Clark wrote:
> Hello again in Q-land,
>          Well this isn't a severe problem but once again, I can't be
> the only one with this particular problem. While releasing the
> clutch in the car it clicks when I get about three quarters the way
> out.. When I depress the clutch, the click is much more faint and
> barely audible. The click upon releasing is very annoying and sounds
> about as loud as one clicking their fingers together. I've been down
> there with WD-40 and a flashlight many times and have yet to find
>  or see anything wrong.  The real catcher?? The noise will disappear
> for six months at a time and return for anywhere from 2-4 months.
> (It's done this for 2 years now) ???????????????????????????????
>         Before my mechanic rips the whole thing apart, I told him I'd
> post this prob. in case anyone has had experience with this annoyance
> and in case there are parts needed to be ordered. TIA.
>                    Chad Clark    '87 5TQ
>  P.S. This is not related to the clutch needing replacement. It still
> works perfectly and no slipping is detected-100K mi.

That is a pedal return spring mechanism clicking. It is comprized out of
two white plastic cylinders, snaped one into another with a rather stiff
spring inside. The whole assy is about 60mm x 20mm dia.
Annoying, isn't it? I have it too.