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Audi Gods Smiling!

Well gang it seems the Audi Gods decided to give me a break.  After over a
month of a consistent problem with the blower in my '86 5KS(ECC unit switched
to "off", motor/fan always blowing - while standing still, as long  as ignition
switch is turned on), I had all but resigned myself to having to trace the
wiring to look for a short somewhere (remember that last message I sent you

As it turned out, due to the market for Audi's here in Hawaii, I decided to
sell my wife's Bimmer (instead of the '88 5KS - which has been for sale for
over a month) just a few days ago (too many cars).

Well, I guess in return for making the "right" choice, the Audi Gods have
decided to bless me, for tonight the ECC control of the blower decided to start
working.  When I set the ECC to "off" the blower motor actually turns off and
falls silent!!  :-)  Also, the high/low settings seem to be working again
(before the blower would only blow "high".

I had initially swapped the ECC in the '86 with the ECC from the '88 and the
problem still continued, which is why I ruled out the ECC as the culprit, and
assumed that there was a "short" somewhere in the wiring.

Well, I guess it pays to offer up a sacrificial WMB every once in a while to
the Audi Gods!

Oh, BTW, I find the traction control and snow tire threads very interesting
discussions although not to applicable here..... tho' I remember what its like
to live and drive in snow/ice - used to live in Bloomington and Burnsville
Minnesota in a past life........

Henderson Nuuhiwa

'85 BMW 735i (for sale)
'86 5KS (my car)
'88 5KS (her car)