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Re: quattro vs. traction control

In a message dated 96-11-26 14:00:45 EST, ERDB@chevron.com (BRUCE, ERIK D.
-ERDB) writes:

<< does anybody  have any knowledge of California's tire chain rules:
     Does the  combination of traction control and snow tires allow 
    you to escape putting chains on? >>

Absolutely, positively not.  Your BMW salesperson is ill-informed.
<< You've probably all seen the BMW  penguin commercial (the
     penguin can't make it up the snowy hill, but the  BMW with
     traction control goes right up)  >>

For your own interest, videotape one of the BMW commercials - espcially the
one with the car doing figure-8s.  Then play it back with freeze-frame stills
or super slow motion.  You'll want to read the mouse text disclimers on the
bottom of the screen.  Note the part about special tires, studs and
professional drivers.  Kids, don't try this at home!