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Re: Shifting gears, well sort of.........

I'm sorry !

>The reverse grinds because it is the only one non-sincronized gear
>(unless you are fortunate to own a 
>164 quadrafoglio, my unmaterialized dream). 

What about a proper Saab 900 ? (i.e. pre about 91 ish)
They have a sinctonized reverse with the result that you can go backward
very fast with little noise

>And it grinds only if the
>car is still in motion.
Thats completely not true ! The gear only grind if the gears in the box
are still moving. Try accelerating hard in first, stoping the car
quickly and putting it into reverse straight away - what happens ? If
you happen to gind the gears alot then put the car into first before
reverse - it stop the gears moving.