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Re: Audi Resale value.....Unintended poor reliability

>I have talked with several owners who bought 84-86
>5000 sedans "new" and indicated they would NEVER
>buy an Audi again! NO WAY! One guy I spoke with was
>still upset years later at the $2000+ repair bill for 
>hydraulic system repair he got stuck with. I would imagine
>that many of these unhappy owners told ALL their 
>friends about their problems with their Audi.

You're absolutely right. I owned an '86 5000 s. I loved the way it handled
and the way the interior was appointed. However, there were always little
things going wrong, and then... At 60k miles I had to have the transaxle
replaced. $2000. So, I decided to sell the car and let someone else deal
with it. At that point I swore never to buy another Audi. But, after doing
some consumer satisfaction research and driving some new cars, I find myself
in a '97 A4Q. 

I did tell all my friends about my 5000. But now I am making them jealous
with my A4Q. If Audi can deliver low mainenance vehicles, I'm sure we'll see
many more on the road in the years to come.

97 A4Q