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Re: 5kq Center Differential "Sticky" Disengagement

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Dale McCormack wrote:

> Fellow Quatrophiles:
> For the past several winters I have had difficuty in getting the center
> differential to "unlock" after turning the dial control.  It is not a
> When I spoke to my dealer's Service Manager (Laurel Audi, Westmont IL)
> he seemed unconcerned with a "they all do that" response.  I personally
> doubt it. 

	Correct, they probably all do it, but it is not acceptable
behaviour at all.  The vacuum servo sticks in the locked position, and
takes some time and jiggling to disengage the lock.  I found that this
would cause incredible drivetrain vibration just as the dogs start to

	I fixed it by removing the broken clip that held the actuator rod 
on the lever, and replacing it with a new one.  The broken clip was 
causing the rod to bind. 

	You can get to it through the right front wheel well with the wheel off. 


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