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Re: Sticks like gum

In a message dated 96-11-27 10:52:47 EST, you write:

<< When I spoke to my dealer's Service Manager (Laurel Audi, Westmont IL)
 he seemed unconcerned with a "they all do that" response.  I personally
 doubt it. 
 During my ownership both diff lubricants and trans have been changed
 twice (every 50K) with synthetic gear lube.  (Based on recent on-line
 conversations this later information may be helpful.)
 Since one cannot always count on the luxury of a large parking lot after
 locking-up center or rear differentials before turning them off and
 making a turn, I want to fix this ASAP.
 TIA >>
Sounds like a bad center lock diaphram....  There is also a carrier bracket
with a nylon bushing in it for the rod that locks the diff (locking diaphram
is located at the front of the trans, the carrier is above the rear of the
cat)...  The diaphram is under 100USD, the labor is prolly 2 hours dealer...

The center should unlock the first time the car goes under "no load"
condition, any speed....  I'd do the install for you, but I have too many
projects ahead right now... If you want the procedure or a recommendation of
one that will do it, e-mail me...


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