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I'm a believer!

As if I needed convincing.  Let me start by saying that I am very glad to hear 
that your wife is O.K., Bob.  That's one reason why I'll be driving Audis for 
a very long time.  Here is another:

The other evening, as I was driving down a local rain-slicked highway, I had 
an encounter with a '96 caitnoP erifnuS (what the hell does "sunfire" mean?).  
I was traveling about 60mph when this car coming from the opposite direction 
turned right in front of me!  Uncontrolled urination... stomp brake pedal... feel 
ABS pulse... still WAY too late!  Well, I yanked the wheel hard over and just
clipped their rear corner, got off the brakes and on the throttle to pull it back 
in line.

Man, I am sold.  The car did exactly what I told it to do, not what I expected 
it to do, even with the crappy Firestone Firehawk LH Touring Tires (at least 
they're M+S).  Yeah, I know, the imbecile that sold me this car put them on 
just before I got it, and I've been trying to burn them off for eight months 
now.  This was the first _real_ emergency maneuver I've had to do in this 
car.  Surprisingly, I expected it to act like my old 4KS (FWD, No ABS) - 
stomp the brakes... lock the tires... kiss the caitnoP's B-pillar.  Even if I had 
enough time to back off the brakes and regain steering, I would have never 
recovered from the spin.  No slight on the 4KS (may the gods be merciful) - 
the coupe's just out of her league.

Very little damage to either car.  I've got a broken turn sig. and headlight 
washer jet, scratched fender and bumper cover, and cracked spoiler/bumper 
trim.  I go to see his insurance co. (State Farm) next week.  Any suggestions 
on how to handle the adjuster?  Also, I'm taking suggestions for the HIGHEST
priced dealer parts dept. in the U.S.  Since there is no dealer in town, I figure I 
take a fax from any dealer with me to prove the worth of the little bits.

Be careful out there.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'running-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN