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Re: Gov't on airbags

> << I think that is correct, you not the dealer have always been allowed 
>  to disconnect the airbags.  My dad wanted them disconnected on his 
>  new Buick >>
> I don't mean to be cruel (or unusual) in the case of anyone's father, but
> unless a person has a _very_ serious medical reason, or if a person is
> _extremenly_ short, disabling an air bag seems to have little merit.  Darwin
> would approve, though.

I agree with you on this.  However I should mention that my mother 
does have a very bad case of emphaseme (sp).  And that if her air bag 
were to go off, the talc that would be thrown in her face would be 
very life threatening.  So they opt to drive carefully, wear 
seatbelts and have airbags disconnected.

With this said, the original thread was about disconnecting/ having 
someone disconnect airbags, and the legality of said action.  
Everyone that has their airbags disconnected, has their own reason 
for doing so.  (stoping before I start a flame war)