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RE: Audi Factory Direct?


Audi and VW don't have a European pick-up program. Go figure: all the
other European manufacturers who sell cars in the US have one...
- peter
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>Subject:	Audi Factory Direct?
>(I'm new to the list so excuse me if this is a FAQ - my cursory inspection
>of the archive didn't locate this topic)
>I plan to vacation in Europe next spring.  A friend of mine claims that you
>can arrange to purchase a car directly from Audi and pick it up at the
>factory.  They deliver a U.S. market car and the price (10% below list)
>includes a delivery to the U.S. when the buyer returns.  They also give a
>tour of the factory and put you up for the night.
>Any truth to this rumor?  I couldn't find any references to this on any
>official or unofficial Audi related pages.  Any pointers will be appreciated.
>-- Jeff Kimbel