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Re: '85 4KSQ Color Options

>darin sez:                                                                      
>> I dunno, but I wonder what color my old 87 4kCSQ really was?!?  It            
>> was kinda of the silver /blue met color.  Oceanic?  BTW, I'm sure             
>> there are picutes of it on my web page (image gallery).                       
>so far there are 1.5 votes for oceanic (steve and darin/2) and one vote for     
>copenhagen blue (seen by jeffrey.)                                              

Darins car is sapphire metallic, a very light blue with a some silver tossed
in. There are a few 4000q/GTs in this color. Also know of 2 85 ur-quattros
this color. The oceanic blue metallic is pretty much as it sounds. Think of 
blue caribean water near shore and you are pretty close. The coppenhagen 
blue is a very dark blue color, not sure if it is metallic.
Dave Lawson
86 GT - graphite
83 TQC - lhasa green