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Re: Speeding Ticket: Any hope?

> If the sign said 35MPH I assume that it was a relatively large road. Then 
> - by statutory speed law, the limit on large main non-highway streets is 
> 35-45MPH. Statutory law can be used if you just came onto a road or if 
> the speed limit signs are not clearly observable. 
> The cop tickets you for violating posted speed law. So if the sign was 
> hidden you can always say that according to the stat. speed law you 
> estimated the speed to be 35-45 MPH. 
> It works in court quite well actually and one of my friends even got a 
> cop to let him go on this account. 

In WA state statutory speed limit is 25mph, so they can always get you
here.  Seattle has 30mph for arterials, whatever that means.
Proving that a speed limit sign was obscured just gets a lecture
on this from the judge here.