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Re: ? for S4/S6 owners


I put 215/60-15 Blizzaks on our '91 200Q a couple of years ago, but went
with Pirelli P210's of the same size (from Tire Rack, with steel wheels,
total about $620) for the S4 this winter.  The Blizzaks have been great in
the snow but feel way too squirmy under our normal winter driving conditions
(i.e., mostly highway, mostly clear).  On the other hand, the Blizzaks are so
'supple' you can probably fold them up and stick them in a drawer somewhere
for the summer.  ;-)

We haven't had any snow here in eastern Iowa this year, so I can't say how
the P210's will perform when the going gets fun.  But so far this winter,
they've been alot more fun than the Blizzaks.

Gib Copeland

> I live in the Boston area and am trying to make a decision about what to do
> for the winter.  Any suggestions?  Folks around here seem pretty sold on the
> Hakkas.  Do any of you have them?  The Tire Rack guy and the one at Direct
> Tire here both pitched the Pirelli P210.  Does anybody run those?  Are you
> staying with the stock wheels or going to the 15" steel type?  What size
> tires have you had the best luck with?  TIA.  I appreciate everyone in this
> group for their generous help.
> Avrum Belzer
> '95.5 S6 wgn