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Re: ? for Hakka users

At 03:15 PM 11/27/96 -0500, Avrum Belzer wrote:
>How is the performance of
>the Hakkas in the dry and/or at speed?  Would you recommend then for urban
>use albeit in a high snow area?  

Having had 4 Audis, and living in "snow" country, I have had experience with
a number of tires. I have had three sets of Haka 10's and two sets of NRW's
(my pick as the best) and one set of the P210's (never again). The 10's are
THE best snow tire (IMHO), but are too noisy for me. The NRW's last longer,
are very quiet, handle well and are almost as good as the 10's in the bad stuff.

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