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Re:A4 Remote Locks

>From: Ed Slaughter <edslau@europa.com>
>> Has anyone noticed any problems with the A4's
>> unlocking?

>I have the factory installed system.  It has two buttons, "lock" and
>"unlock."  One is raised and the other recessed, so you can feel which
>is which in the dark.  The system works fine, although "remote" has to
>be pretty close; you walk up to the car and press the button rather than
>zap it while you cross the parking lot.   Works fine in temperatures
>into the teens so far.

Perhaps the difference is because mine's a '97, but mine is also factory and
the two buttons are at the same level.  Actually, there are three buttons
(including "panic", for when a Hyundia is sliding towards your car) and the
whole thing is rubber-encased so the buttons are more accurately just active
membrane locations.

'97 A4Q black/black leather/stick