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The quattro search begins

I'm beginning the search for quattro.  My sister-in-law recently crunched her 
arucA.  She's got ~9K in insurance money sitting in a bank, and is looking for a 
replacement vehicle.  She really likes the idea of a quattro, and of driving a 
safe car.  Something about that last nearly head-on accident I guess.  She hears 
the biological clock a ticking, so four doors are a must, cause the kids will be 
here before the car goes.  She drives a standard, so most models are options.  A 
newer car would be a plus.  She has no preference for or against the larger 
vehicles, just no coupes.  Other concerns are for reliability.  Her job is such 
that the car needs to start every time, and not spend half of each month in a 
garage.  My preference (as one who may end up maintaining it part of the time) 
is for a 90\4000 series.  Prefer not to be working with the headaches of the 
larger vehicles.  Is this vague enough??

Anybody who has any leads on an early '90s 90q or low miles\good condition 4KQs, 
please drop me a line.

-STott Hare      
'84 4Ksq  (black _& blue_, have turbo, waiting to install...)
Biddeford, Maine