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Close Calls

Hi folks,
        Here's another Quattro story for ya. Mid afternoon, 6 lane hiway I
am in my 4ksq in the far left lane. Nice ELDERLY man in the same lane ahead
of me wants to turn left. We don't have open turn lanes anymore they all are
medianed "alleys", and this guy is going way too fast in his GIANT CADILLAC.
So he stops and decides to pull back onto 55mph traffic...20 feet ahead of
me. I see this coming, quick check to blind spot ( hey there IS a car next
to me!) and decide to swerve rather than brake. I downshift to 3rd, floor it
and with a QUICK one handed jerk ( that doesn't sound good but...) I avoid
said caddy and only intrude on 1/4 of middle lane, and bamm! I'm back to the
left lane. The guy in the center lane gave me the thumbs at the next light.
So why do I suck? later that week I was late night "Rally" driving on some
local residential twisties and, well I dunno if I over powered or over
steered? I was negotiating a double right hand turn, recommended at 20mph,
at about 58mph. The fist half went fine but I got cocky and accelerated and
was on the wrong line for the second half of the turn. After all I've
learned I still panicked and hit the brakes (what a geek!) Well I spend the
second half of that turn skidding across the road, off the road thru the
grass of a vacant lot only to stop on a cross street to the smell of rubber,
grass and semi-metallics. I love to drive like this, but it IS dangerous,
and I hate to lose confidence in my Quattro, so I blame my driving first. I
am trying to start this thread 'cause I like to read similar stories so
please post any close calls!
Otherwise, sorry to waste space**