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Re: Number plates

> On Sunday I was driving through London when I happened to spot a coupe
> which in it's self is not too strange. Anyway It had possibly the most
> desirable number plate for an Audi (if you like private plates) - it was
> AUD1 with a very I looking 1. (For those if you not familiar with UK
> number plates they have 
>  just a set of letter and number with nothing else around them so this
> plate had just the word AUDI on it - no state name or anything like
> that) Anyway quite a nice plate (probably worth a lot of money too...)
> but I still think cars look better with their original plates !

Are there conditions under which a car can have euro plates in the US?
A few weeks ago I saw a 300SL with a black-on-yellow euro-type plate
(not the US-style diplomatic plate) on 66 east, and have wondered how
it came to be there.