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Re: belt squeal

On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Trisha Bethen wrote:

> What is it with all the Audi/VW's?  We have replaced more alt.belts over
> the past two years than I care to think.  Chris at Autobahn has mentioned
> that it's a common problem, but I would think there is a cure.  I've got a
> belt destroying itself after it has loosened several times and been
> adjusted in the 90.  This is frustrating.  It seems to happen after
> extreme weather.  Any ideas?

The alt belt is in the wide open so really gets beat on by the elements. 
They seem to be good for about a year before squeeking. Mke sure all your 
underpanels are in place, this helps. Also start with a good quality 
belt...it will last a little longer.


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