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Re: Isuzu Impulse vs VW Scirocco

Ed, you are correct that the Impulse and Scirocco share nothing
mechanically other than in a generic sense.   However, Igor is also
partially correct.  They do share some genealogy.  When VW was replacing
the Series I Scirocco they asked Giugiarro, who had penned the original,
to come up with a design.  In the end VW decided against Giugiarro's
version and went with their in-house design.  That's when Giugiarro and
Isuzu teamed up.  The Impulse could have been the Scirocco II but it was
cast aside by VW only to resurface as an Isuzu.

Whereas the Saab 9000/Alfa 164 and the Sterling/Legend(original version)
shared floor pans and or mechanical bits, the Scirocco and Impulse do
not.  And now back to your regularly scheduled Audi programming.


>  You probably meant a 9000. But a Saab 9000 is an Alfa 164!
>   >>
> And don't forget the Sterling....  Or maybe we should
> Scott

Yep, the Sterling, a.k.a. Acura Legend (for us in the US)
the Scirocco, a.k.a. Isuzu Impulse.


Bzzzt.  There is little more in common between the two than the number
doors and cylinders.  The Impulse is more of a Chevette than a Scirroco.

Ed Kellock        QCUSA Member #2882