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Re: Vanity Plates

vanity plates  & some Audi Content.....

The plates on my A4q read AWDI A4.   the Audi spelled with a "w" for
All Wheel Drive.  But since i've moved to indiana, i removed the front 
plate, only to discover the plate holder was mounted by drilling three 
holes in the bumper cover  - GROSS!    Any ideas on how best to restore 
front bumper cover?  

'Nother subject for the listers who've been comparing quattro to traction

The A4q has both, and while the quattro keeps me planted in all but extreme
conditions, the trraction control is a butt saver when i' ve gone too far.
example - i exited an off ramp at freeway speed a month ago, traversing
what i thought was water as i slowed.  Turned out to be oil!!!!   Audi
suddenly 40 degrees off intended heading - big trouble ....Steer into skid,
apply just alittle gas (i was on an off ramp),  concentrate on not
overcorrecting....  Then i feel the traction control pulling me out of the
skid, like some big hand straightening the errant rear end, and saving mine.
 Any other car - i woulda been in the weeds...... My little 
black sedan is the neatest and safest car i have ever owned ( and my fifth
   Audi)....and sometimes it's just magic.

keep up the good poop!

A4q ( other four were 5000's - 87 turbo, 86 Avant,  81s, 79s)