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Tornado Red Uni-Color Paint

> The main problem with this paint is that when you use the windshield
> washer, the alcohol in the fluid oxidizes on the paint.  This leaves milky
> white streaks and blotches on the hood, trunk and roof.  These blotches
> require that I spend about 3 hours with an orbital buffer and clear coat
> polish to remove them.   

Yikes - sounds like clearcoat is just what it needs.  Using wax doesn't help?

Anyhow, why not make your own windshield washer fluid?  It seems like you
could just use a solution of water and a mild detergent like dish-wahing
liquid or a car-wash detergent.  The alcolhol is probably mostly an
anti-freeze.  You don't say where you live, but if it doesn't go much below
freezing you shouldn't need the alcohol.

That's my completely un-informed opinion...


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