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Re: Quattro vs traction control

In a message dated 96-11-27 00:13:06 EST, you write:

<<  I dont think I but it that the state will allow traction control with
 tires when chains are required.  I doubt it.  As far as the BMW and Saab
 good in the snow I can tell you that the Saab is a damn good snow car.  Not 
 quite as good as my quattro but close on regular tires.  Probably not on
 tires.  >>

My Baas 9000 could barely move without snow tires!! With them it was pretty
good, but the S4 with worn all-seasons ALWAYS made it past the stuck SUV's on
the Ap Gap, while the Baas needed lots of momentum in the left lane past
those scared doggies on the steep climbs, or it was "wait for the sanding

The S4 with snow tires got me up the hill in the recently thrilling combo of
snow-rain-snow, but I still haven't gotten that nice thick ice coat of 2/3 of
the body.


Jonathan Fenton     JEFDO@aol.com
Montpelier, VT
"9s S4sIA3