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Re: posts

> I was at an independant shop last week and they had some rubber treatment 
> sitting on the shelf.I asked about it, and it was for EXACTLY that, for 
> treating treating the rubber and keeping it flexible, and preventing it 
> from freezing to other pieces. Its Called "Worth Rubber Care" and Ive 
> heard it was great. I have never used it however....so IUD.
> Its also available at dealers I understand...If anyone uses it, let me 
> know if its any good...Id like to try it.

Would this be the Würth Rubber Care that Imparts carries ($10/300mL)?
I'd be interested to hear about anyone's reactions.  I've been meaning to
pull the weatherstripping and spray it down with silicone, but haven't
had a chance -- if this (supposedly non-silicone) product is better,
maybe I'll use that instead.