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H4 bulbs

In message <199611292012.PAA02854@hammurabi.nh.ultra.net> human writes:

> I'm in the middle of making my (highly complex) wiring harness and new
> lights work on my now running coupe.  The original headlight connector and
> the H4 bulbs (100/80 from JCW) seem to have a different pin out.  Any
> comments please?
> Bad art: This is the connector as seen from the bulb side:
> H4:                                      
> H   Low   G
> i              r
> g             n
> h             d

As it happens - I blew the low beam in an H4 on Friday night.  By comparing it
with a good spare, I can confirm your pinout.
> Stock sealed beams:
> G   High  L
> r             o
> n            w
> d

Can't comment - no sealed beams here.

> Obviously these present me with a quandary.  Does anyone if L and H on an H4
> bulb are each single filaments or does one setting energize them both?

On the 170/100s I'm staring at right now, each is a single filament.

> Also, JCW has 165/100's for about U$22, does anyone know of a better source
> price wise?

Central Auto Spares in Wellingborough (UK) does them for GBP8 ($12) each in 
boxes of ten.

I bought my first box in May - I sold two, and I'm now down to three spares.  I 
just ordered a fresh box today.


 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club